Kandji is a device management (MDM) solution built exclusively for IT teams at organizations that run on Apple. Kandji is a modern, cloud-based platform for centrally managing and securing Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices, saving IT teams hours of manual, repetitive work with features like one-click compliance templates and 150+ pre-built automations, apps, and workflows.




From deployment to maintenance to security, Kandji has thought of everything. You’ve chosen Apple and Kandji designed a device management experience to match. Kandji’s enrollment portal makes it easy to import your users from G Suite or Microsoft 365 and invite them to enroll their own devices quickly and painlessly.



Zero-touch deployment: Set up and configure devices for new employees instantly and remotely, without IT having to physically touch the device. The best employee experience: New employees can use their pre-configured devices right out of the box without a visit to IT. Liftoff: With Liftoff, you can make a freshly unboxed Mac transform itself into an enterprise-ready computer, with all the right apps, settings, and security controls in place. Liftoff lets you show users what’s happening on that first startup and how soon they can get to work, while automating as much as possible for the admin. Flexible device Blueprints: Organize devices based on team, department, or location. Drop a new device into a Blueprint to automatically assign the right apps, controls, and automations to that device. User-initiated enrollment: Kandjis enrollment portal makes it easy to import your users from G Suite or Microsoft 365 and invite them to enroll their own devices quickly and painlessly. Automated migration: Kandji created an automated migration tool that seamlessly migrates large organizations off of legacy MDM providers, making it easier than ever before to transition to a modern platform. Maximum visibility: Experience an unprecedented level of visibility. Oversee your entire fleet and keep tabs on all activity with detailed records, key updates, and an extensive log of remediations performed on each machine.


Self Service: Empower end users with your own select library of applications and tools, so they can download what they need when they need it without asking IT. Customize everything – branding, labels, categories, and more – to make it your own. MDM+: MDM alone simply isn’t enough. With Kandji, you get the best of both worlds — a reliable MDM plus a proprietary macOS agent that extends your capabilities beyond the expected. Offline mode: Kandji is the only MDM that works around the clock to enforce compliance and remediate issues whether your Mac devices are online or off. Auto Apps: Automated macOS patch management is enabled by Kandji’s Auto Apps, a library of applications that Kandji pre-packages, hosts, and automatically patches. Custom Apps: Easily upload and deploy custom apps by dragging and dropping a package (.pkg or .mpkg), Disk Image (copy .app from disk image to /Applications), or ZIP File (unzip contents into specified directory).


150+ pre-built automations: With the largest library of macOS Parameters (over 150 and growing) you can toggle on with one click, Kandji empowers your IT team with the most control on the market. Profiles: Kandji’s advanced implemention of Profiles takes full advantage of Apple’s powerful MDM framework with Profiles such as Wi-Fi, Privacy, SSO, System Extensions, and much more. Custom scripts:  Although we’ve containerized the most common policies with our Parameter library, we also support custom scripts for any unique device control needs.


Managed OS: Kandji’s managed OS tool is redefining how admins enforce operating system updates across your environment. It is built into our platform (no scripting required), fully enforced, and supports both major and minor OS updates.


If you wish further information about Kandji, please feel free to contact us.