Don’t panic.

Don’t panic.

Apple and its Authorized Service Providers are getting flooded with customers requesting service for the newly mentioned cheaper price and consequently they are now in short supply; but there is no need to worry.

AASPs/PSPs like us are working as hard as possible to meet demand and help all of our customers. Even the Apple Stores are having this problem with helping satiate the huge rush of people that want their iPhone 6/6 plus and newer batteries replaced.

The steps to getting the battery replaced at our location are as follows:

  1. Come by with an appointment and leave our iPhone with us.
  2. We do a pre-check on all devices and the we order the battery.
  3. We must keep the unit with us the entire time until we get a battery for your phone in stock.
  4. After receiving a replacement battery it is installed and tested in accordance to all of Apples guidelines.


(Average time currently varies but is between 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks)

Apples reduced prices for iPhone batteries will last until the end of the year so there is no need to worry. If you can wait, we suggest that you wait. You are welcome to call the service provider in your area and ask what they currently have for repair times, do so until you find one that can provide the service in a time frame that meets your schedule.



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