Why upgrading your operating system right away can hurt more than help

Why upgrading your operating system right away can hurt more than help

Well 10.9 has been out in the Mac App Store for just over a week and we are noticing a lot of trends. A lot of people are eager for Apple’s latest and greatest but don’t realise what the differences are between what is available and what they have/need.

A word to the wise, please do not update your OS version if you are not sure what software you have or need regularly. What I mean is, you obviously know that you need Parallels or Photoshop etc. Such apps are not purchased in the Mac App Store and thus are updated regularly through Apple.

If you are running 10.6.8 you are able to have 10.9 for free, but in 10.6 Snow Leopard your version of Parallels 7 won’t work in 10.9 Mavericks. Your old copy of Adobe CS2 won’t either.

I am not trying to overload you with numbers of versions and give a master list of compatible software with Apple newest OS. What I am suggesting is for you to take the time while 10.9 is being purchased and downloaded in the background and research what applications you have and need to function 100% and check the manufacturers website. If you don’t see anything, wait a while. Just yesterday Nikon released a technical document stating what is supported under 10.9 and also which programs will no longer receive technical support and updates.

Parallels has system requirements updated on their site and for any other manufacturer’s do a good job at updating their site. If you are ever unsure, just do a Google search for „does (insert program name and version number) work with 10.9“. You will most likely land on a site from the manufacturer or a forum where people in a similar situation as you try things out and can help inform you as to when and how to update so that you have as little down time and as few issues as possible.

The Nikon article (from their US website):


A blog post on Adobe’s website regarding 10.9


VMWare has a forum entry discussing 10.9


and here is Parallels quick warning about 10.9 and older versions of their applications


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