How to enable Debug logging for iCal Server (caldavd)

How to enable Debug logging for iCal Server (caldavd)

I just finished a session troubleshooting iCal server – I wanted to have it send email invitations to external attendees. Well, sending worked, they all got the invitation email, but the reply never made it to the senders calendar. So while trying to find the problem, I found out that Lion Servers mail server does automatic greylisting (hey, thats nice, given that the average Mac admin hardly knows the difference between black and greylisting, and yes, the people over at Spam Assassin think you should not greylist, but thats another topic I won’t cover today). After deferring the mail reply at first, it gets accepted later on and delivered to the calendar servers mailbox. The log files of caldavd (located at /var/log/caldavd/error.log) even showed that caldavds mail gateway did recognize the incoming mail and processed it. They just did not show up as accepted.

To find out more, I needed more log entries by the calendar server. If you want the calendar server to get chatty, look in /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist for the key:


and change the following value to


then stop caldavd with:

sudo serveradmin stop calendar

and reenable it:

sudo serveradmin start calendar

Then your log file will be much bigger and tell you much more. For me, everything started working at that moment, but I doubt that changing the log level was the fix. Probably the restart of caldavd made it work … Anyway, its fun to look at those logs (kind of).
Maybe you want to turn it off later, it looks like they could get big.

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